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She Moves Mountains [PRESALE]

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We’re born, we go to school, we get good grades, we finish our post secondary education,we get a great job, we get married, we buy a home, we start a family, we raise the family, we complete and retire from a 30 year career and then we get to start doing things on our terms in our golden years. Right? Isn’t that how it works? Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do? This assembly line of life, a belief we don’t even know we hold, grips us so tightly and makes more decisions for us than we dare admit.

The fear and worry that consume us when we dare to lead our professional lives against the societal and familial grain that shaped our lives  since conception is often strong enough to keep us on a linear path built from the expectations of everyone but ourselves. 

But She? She isn’t a linear being. She was never meant to be. She challenges the status quo. She does things differently. She changes the narrative. She rewrites the rules. She trusts herself to move forward on her terms.

She forges new paths. 

She makes a way out of no way.

She moves mountains.

This first edition blazes the trail for the SHE Series by GCW Publishing House, to open the minds and expand the hearts of you, our readers, by showing you what’s possible when you trust yourself to lead and dare to live differently.